MBE collimators pointing at the microscope pole piece gap

Molecular Beam Epitaxy in a TEM

The NanoMAX TEM has been developed with the aim to observe the growth of nanoobjects in real time. One of the most original features of this microscope is the presence of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) sources that allow the growth of III-V nanowires.

The video shows the growth of a Au-catalyzed GaAs nanowire. The method used to fabricate the wire is the vapor-liquid-solid growth (VLS). The special orientation of the nanowire permits the observation of a singe atomic layer propagating at the interface between the liquid catalyst and the crystalline nanowire.

Further developments are on going to improve the sample geometry in order to attain growth conditions similar to a standard MBE reactors. This includes the introducing epitaxial and patterned substrate.


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