Modeling the dynamics of interface morphology and crystal phase change in self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires


The droplet contact angle and morphology of the growth interface(vertical, tapered or truncated facets) are known to affect the zincblende (ZB) or wurtzite (WZ) crystal phase of III–V nanowires (NWs) grown by the vapor-liquid-solid method. Here, we present a model which describes the dynamics of the morphological evolution in self catalyzed III–V NWs in terms of the time-dependent (or length-dependent) contact angle or top nanowire radius under varying material fluxes. The model fits quite well the contact angle dynamics obtained by in situ growth monitoring of self-catalyzed GaAs NWs in a transmission electron microscope. These results can be used for modeling the interface dynamics and the related crystal phase switching and for obtaining ZB-WZ heterostructures in III–V.